Saturday, January 15, 2011

Love Letter

Dear World,
"MY LOVE is over. It's underneath./It's inside. It's in between./The times you doubt Me, when you can't feel./The times that you question, 'Is this for real?'/The times you're broken.The times that you mend./The times that you hate Me, and the times that you bend./Well, My love is over, it's underneath./It's inside, it's in between./These times you're healing, and when your heart breaks./The times that you feel like you're falling from grace./The times you're hurting.The times that you heal./The times you go hungry, and are tempted to steal./The times of confusion, in chaos and pain./I'm there in your sorrow, under the weight of your shame./I'm there through your heartache.I'm there in the storm./My love I will keep you, by My pow'r alone./I don't care where you fall, where you have been./I'll never forsake you, My love never ends./It never ends."
Love Always,
Jesus <3

***lyrics from the song "Times" by Tenth Avenue North